Our Story It all started with Bailey…

Why we started Bailey's Blanket?

Bailey was our life for over 3 years. As a couple who decided not to have children, Bailey was our only child and from the moment we adopted him, we loved him unconditionally. As any pet owner knows, the day your pet passes away, a cherished member of your family is no longer with you. In our case, Bailey was the biggest part of our lives so when he passed we were both devastated.

Equally as devastating was when we realised we had very few pictures of Bailey to remember him by. Of course we will always have our memories and those can never be erased but we wanted more than that. We wanted Bailey to live on in some form.

Luckily, whilst he was alive, we had created a blanket of Bailey. Something that we and him both cherished - he would often sleep with that blanket in his bed. But we realised that we should have created more memories so we started creating hoodies, t-shirts, welcome mats and stickers all devoted to him. Soon our friends were asking us to do the same for their dogs and that is how Bailey's Blanket started.

Why choose us?

We are a small, family-owned business and we want to keep it that way as this is our way of bringing Bailey's legacy to the rest of the world.

We want to provide you with a product you love and can keep with you forever. We care about the quality you receive, not our bottom line.

Why you can trust Baileys blanket?

At Bailey's Blanket, we truly believe that the memory of your pet is the main goal. We would never do anything that would compromise that memory. For that reason, we only use the best designers and printing facilities to ensure your custom made products are unique and long-lasting.

We would never want to spoil the legacy of the pet that means the world to you, similarly to how we'd never want the memory of Bailey to be tarnished.