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Violet Miller

Jinro Soju Grapefruit (375ml)

Jinro Soju Grapefruit (375ml)

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Jinro Chamisul Grapefruit Soju is a captivating and refreshing fusion of Korea s most beloved alcoholic beverage and the vibrant zest of sun-ripened grapefruit. This innovative take on a Korean classic has quickly become the go-to fruit-infused soju in Korea, perfectly capturing the essence of modern tastes while paying homage to tradition. Upon the first sip, Jinro Chamisul Grapefruit Soju delights the palate with a harmonious blend of luscious grapefruit and the crisp, clean flavor of morning dew. The infusion of natural grapefruit imparts a delicate sweetness and tantalizing tartness that plays beautifully with the smooth, velvety texture of the soju. Boasting a modest 13% alcohol content, this soju is delightfully easy to drink and invites you to savor each sip with its smooth, sophisticated finish. Jinro Chamisul Grapefruit Soju pairs exceptionally well with an array of dishes that showcase its versatility and complement its invigorating citrus profile. Enjoy it alongside light appetizers such as fresh seafood ceviche, tangy Asian-inspired salads, or zesty chicken skewers. For a more substantial pairing, consider Korean barbecue, spicy kimchi jjigae, or crispy tempura. The bright grapefruit notes of this soju will cut through rich flavors, cleanse the palate, and enhance your overall dining experience.

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